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How to Tell if Your Pet Has Ear Mites

Is your pet itching his ears more and more these days?

Itchy ears are sometimes a symptom of ear mites-- tiny, eighth legged pest that come and take up residence by the thousands in your pets ear canals.  When they begin to move around your pet will begin to scratch his head vigorously.  Without treatment; dogs and cats have been known to scratch themselves raw, sometimes causing skin infections.

if you suspect your pet has ear mites but you aren't not sure, try this:

Gently pull her ear flap down and rub it over the opening, if your pets hiding leg swings into action then it may be mites -- an uninfected pet won't scratch her ears. 

Another approach is to rub a cotton swab in your pets ear canal and then rub the swab on dark piece of paper.  Shine a bright light on the paper and look for wigley white specks. 

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Another way to spot ear mites is looking into your pets ear.  If your pet has mites you will see a dry crumbly, reddish black crust that looks like coffee grounds.

Ear mites are readily passed from animal to animal, so unless your pet spends most of his time alone, they can be difficult to prevent.  But with patience and persistence you can successfully fight mites.

If ear mites don't go away within a month of home treatment or if your pet develops an ear rash or painful irritation, contact your vet immediately



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