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Liquid Vitamins Vs Pills |Which Is Best Pills or Liquids?

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Liquid Vitamins Vs Pills

The PDR reports that 90 for every dollar spent for vitamin pills, natural supplements, tablets and capsules is flushed down the toilet.

This isn't a report about how the vitamin industry is ripping us off. To the contrary, a large percentage of vitamins and minerals being sold today are quality products. Vitamins are needed in our fast pace, fast food society.

There's a report I'd like to share with you. It's got everyone talking... in the workplace, clubs, and supermarkets, Yes just about everywhere people gather. The Physicians' Desk Reference (PDR)* published and updated annually, states that vitamins in pills, tablets, and capsule form are only 10 to 20% absorbed by the body. The remaining 80 to 90% is flushed way. They go on to report that the body absorbs 98% of vitamins and minerals in liquid form. With this information in hand people can better make a choice as to which form of vitamin is best.

Example: A bottle of vitamin pills costing $34 only $3.40 of it's ingredients are being absorbed by your body. To benefit 98% of the ingredients in one bottle, you'd have to buy an additional 9 bottles of pills, costing $306. Or you could buy one bottle of liquid vitamins for $34. No extra bottles are needed.

That's 306 reasons why you should choose liquids over pills. How about you, are you ready to stop wasting your money on pills?

Liquid Vitamins are not just a solution for people who have a problem swallowing pills or who have trouble digesting tablets- Liquid form is the best way to provide the vitamins and supplements that your family needs. You will notice the difference.

*The PDR is available in libraries and bookstores, widely used by medical specialists.

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