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Welatrin™ Natural Body Care
Healthier Hair, Skin, and Nails Liquid Vitamins... Works From The Inside Out!

Made in USA 90 Day Guarantee

An unique combination of nutrients including Calcium, Collagen, and Vitamins A & E - works internally giving you the tools to improve vitality from within, providing the building blocks for healthier hair, stronger nails, and glowing skin.

  • Liquid formulation provides superior absorption
  • Biotin can help weak, brittle nails and hair
    Horsetail contains silica which helps forms collagen for healthy skin


1 (32 oz) Bottle, Retail Price: $42.95
Your Price: $33.95 Save $9

Twin Pack,($32.95 ea)
Your Price: $65.90 Save $20

Triple Pack,($27.95 ea)
Your Price: $95.85 Save $33

Get To the Root of The Problem of Brittle Hair, Unhealthy Skin and Weak Nails! New Liquid Body Care Formula Provides Superior Absorption

Unique combination of nutrients - including Calcium, Collagen, and Vitamins A & E - works internally to promote:

  • Thicker, Fuller, Easy to Manage Hair

  • Stronger, Healthier, Chip Resistant Nails

  • Vibrant, Glowing, Soft Supple Skin

Tired Of Hair Products and Lotions That Temporally Address The Conditions Of Unhealthy Hair, Skin and Nails. . .

The best hair products and lotions can only temporarily counteract external 

symptoms of unhealthy hair, nails or skin. It’s only a matter of time before the same conditions will come back. Just as your body can get out of balance, so can the thin layer of skin on your head. Poor diet, pollutants in air,  water and the stresses of everyday life affect your scalp

Your hair is constantly at risk and is subject to damage from a poor diet and nutrition, chemical-processing dying, curling, straightening, heat-styling, and exposure to UV rays. Plus ever increasing stresses and time constraints.

What are The Causes Of Unhealthy Skin, Hair and Nails?

Dryness in your hair occurs when the cuticles, allows moisture within the hair shaft to evaporate.

When the surface of your hair feels rough and dry It's a sign that the inner layer of the hair that forms the bulk of your hair shaft is dry also, and natural moisture has escaped.

  • Wear and tear to your hair results in the cuticle lifting and the hair surface becoming rough - like any smooth surface, once roughened, it will loose its shine.

  • Deposits of dust and dirt on the hair shaft may also cause the hair to lack shine.

Lack of body and bounce in your hair is caused by the loss of elasticity. When hair is porous, not only does it dry out readily, but it also takes in moisture readily too. If your hair is too dry it will bear static electric charges and become flyaway.

Split ends are a result of poor conditioning, due to the roughened outer cuticles. Spilt ends can also occur when your hair is not trimmed regularly or correctly.

Nails give us an insight into the robustness and sensitivity of the person.

Check your nails for dryness. If they are brittle, thin, or easily cracked, split, or broken, then they may be too dry.

Healthy blood adds a glow to the skin and keeps it well-nourished, moist, and free from dryness and roughness.

Often, our skin looks superficially clean; but they really are not. Dirt and dust particles can hide in the pores of the skin and clog sweat and sebaceous glands.

Diet plays an important role in maintaining the health of the skin.

"Your Options For Treating Unhealthy Skin, Hair and Nails"

Shampoos and lotion can only reduce symptoms of unhealthy hair and skin from the outside. There's a better way!

How Welatrin™ is Different!

Welatrin™is a unique combination of nutrients giving you the tools to improve vitality from within, providing the building blocks for healthier hair, stronger nails, and glowing skin.

Proprietary and Essential Fatty Acid Blend

  • Kelp with Beta Carotene

  • Collagen (Hydrolysate)

  • Borage Oil

  • Gamma Linoleic (GLA)

  • Linoleic

  • Oleic

  • Stearic

  • Palmitic

Welatrinaddresses the internal nutritional support needs for healthy hair, skin and nails.

  • Includes Horsetail to fight acne and brittle hair and nails.

Essential Fatty Acids blend protects against scaly skin, cracked fingernails and dry hair.
MSM helps soften, renew and strengthen the skin.

*6 to 8 weeks may be needed for best results.

Are You Flushing 90˘ of Every Dollar you Spend for Vitamin Pills, or Tablets Down the Toilet?

Compared to Traditional Pills and Tablets, Vitamins and Supplements In Liquid Form Provides Superior Absorption Rate  Read Full Article


Save Even More... Great Combo Pack Deals

Our Combos have been developed with you in mind. They provide increased support for your condition and save you money too.  

Welatrin and Vitacerin. Together they will supply all the nutrients needed to improve your health  (combo pack #24)

Retail Price: $102.90
Your Price: $73.90
Save: $29

Welatrin™ - A blend of nutrients that improves vitality from within, providing healthier hair, stronger nails, and glowing skin.  [plus] Foliprin™ - Formulated for both men and women, is a powerful combination of natural ingredients that reduces levels of the DHT, a leading cause of hair loss. Helps stimulate hair full list and regulates scalp build up. (combo pack #13) 

Retail Price: $92.90
Your Price: $66.90
Save: $26


Welatrin Nutritional Information:

Success Stories

I began to see  a difference 8 weeks after I purchased Welatrin.

Gerry L


Success Starts With Good Nutrition

Good nutrition is vital to healthy hair growth. Vitamins and minerals maintain our bodies. People often have some vitamin deficiencies in their diet. Those who have unhealthy hair, nails or skin can easily treat their condition with vitamins specific to hair skin and nail health.


Also called vitamin B1 releases energy in food, appetite regulation, growth and muscle tone, proper function of the heart and nervous system.

Calcium (Gluconate)

Calcium is vital in the formation and maintenance of healthy bones and teeth. Daily calcium supplements are essential in the prevention of osteoporosis.


Also called vitamin B2 helps cells use oxygen. Important in metabolism of protein, fat, and carbohydrates. Helps keep skin and mucous membranes (in mouth and lining of digestive tract) healthy.


Also called vitamin H, Helps release energy from protein. Works with other B vitamins. Helps produce Keratin, Biotin is know to slow hair loss and is a proven hair growth vitamin.

Food sources:

Liver and other organ meats, egg yolks, nuts, legumes, cauliflower, mushrooms, green beans, and dark green vegetables.


Also called vitamin B3, helps promote scalp circulation.  Promotes healthy hair, skin, nerves, and digestive track.

Food sources:

liver, lean meat, fish, poultry, nuts, legumes, dark green vegetables, and whole grains.

Vitamin E

Protects essential fatty acids and vitamin A from oxidation. Protects cell membranes. Protects red blood cells. Helps cells use oxygen to yield energy.

Pantothenic Acid

Also called vitamin B5, prevents graying and hair loss.  Helps in the metabolism of protein, fat, and carbohydrates.

Food sources:

in all plant and animal foods, but best sources are organ meats, pull grains, fresh vegetables, and egg yolks.


Horsetail helps facilitate the use of calcium in the body, preventing spit-ends in hair. It has been found to be good for eyes, ear, nose, throat and glandular disorders


Also called vitamin B6, prevents hair loss.  Aids in metabolism a protein fat and, carbohydrates.  Assist in formation of red blood cells and anti-bodies

Food sources:

lean meat, liver and other organ meats, fish, nuts, legumes, whole grains, poultry, corn, and bananas.


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