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Vitacerin™ Multiple Vitamin Supplement
Over 270 nutrients for optimum health:

Digestive Support - Organ Cleanse - Colon Health Free Radical Support - Muscle, Bone & Joint Support - Heart & Circulatory Support - and more...
  • 150 naturally occurring photochemicals
  • 69 minerals from whole foods
  • 29 Fruits, 13 vegetables, and 26 proprietary herbs
  • 17 amino acids, and 13 vitamins
  • 7 organic plant digestive enzymes
  • 6 essential fatty acids
  • 4 types of beneficial fiber
  • Liquid formula provides superior absorption
  • Save money! Get all the supplements needed in one great tasting formula.

32 oz) Bottle, Retail Price: $59.95
Your Price: $41.95 Save $18

Twin Pack, ($40.95 ea)
Your Price: $81.90 Save $38

Triple Pack, ($39.95 ea)
Your Price: $119.85 Save $60

The Most Comprehensive... All Inclusive Daily Nutritional Supplement... Providing All The Nutrients You Desire In One Product... A Terrific Value!

Vitacerin™ (made in the USA) is a great tasting liquid multivitamin supplement sweetened with agave cactus nectar and fruit juices. It's an all-inclusive daily nutritional product containing the highest quality ingredients: fruits, vegetables herbs, fiber, whole food based vitamins and minerals, enzymes, and amino acids.

Provides Support in 6 Areas Vital to Optimum Health.

It's a fact of life, we live in an increasingly complex society. If your like most people you're probably looking for a supplement to support your total health needs in today's competitive world.

There's hundreds of products being marketed today, making it somewhat confusing and costly to decide which product is best. Let us help you with your search! We're confident it'll end here.

Vitacerin™ is an all-inclusive daily nutritional (cost effective) product containing the highest quality ingredients available. For as little as $1.23 a day. Vitacerin™ will protect your complete well-being at the cellular level.

Vitacerincontains the highest quality ingredients, including Acai Berry, Lyc-O-Mato Optiberry, and FloraGlo Lutein and more.

  • Liquid formula provides superior absorption.

  • 150 naturally occurring photochemicals including Ellagic Acid

  • 82 vitamins and minerals from whole foods

  • 62 fruits, vegetables and proprietary herbs

  • 17 amino acids, 7 organic plant digestive enzymes

  • 6 essential fatty acids

  • 4 types of beneficial fiber

Organ Cleanse and Detoxification

Toxins are in the foods we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe – practically everywhere. A detoxification or cleansing of the body organs is an attempt to increase the efficiency of the organs as well as rid the body of a buildup of toxins. Even though our bodies do this on a continual basis, an organ cleanse can help strengthen the organs--skin, intestines, liver, lungs, kidneys and lymphatic system.

  •  Lyciium Berry Extract, thought to help inhibit the precipitation of fat in liver cells and promote the regeneration of liver cells.
  • Alfalfa, along with Milk Thistle is added to help alkalize and detoxify the body.
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid, Suma, Burdock Root, Bladderwrack, and Optiberry® help to promote the function of the bladder, thyroid, kidneys, pancreas and liver.
  • Lyc-O-Mato® brand Lycopene is added for its antioxidant support as well as for its promotion of healthy prostate function.

Antioxidant / Free Radical Support

Every day, your body faces about 10,000 attacks from cell-damaging forces known as free radicals, which are unstable oxygen molecules that have lost an electron through exposure to sunlight, pollution, and everyday wear and tear. These volatile molecules cruise around your body trying to stabilize themselves by stealing electrons from other molecules. When they succeed, they create still more free radicals, damaging healthy cells in the process. Unless something steps in the way, this free radical free-for-all can cause irreparable damage. That's where antioxidants come in.

  • Contains Calcumin Ascorbate, Vitamin A & E and Selenium to help reduce radical damage.
  • Packed with Xanomax® Mangosteen, Lycium, Optiberry®, Pomegranage, Noni, Acai Berry, Co-Q10, FloraGlo® Lutein, Grape seed Extract, Selenium, and Fruits & Greens™ super phytofoods known for their high ORAC Rating and ability to fight damaging free radicals.

Digestive Support - Colon Health

Around the age of 40, people begin to notice that they can't tolerate certain foods as well as they used to. As you get older, your stomach produces a smaller volume of digestive enzymes and other secretions, and your body may not digest or absorb foods as easily as it did when you were younger. Vitacern™ contains

  • 4 types of fiber including Psyllium Husk and Beta Glucan to replace other daily fiber supplements.
  • Contains a digestive complex to help nourish intestinal flora and promote a healthy digestive tract.
  • Contains an organic plant digestive enzyme complex to help you get the most out of your food.

Heart and Circulatory Support

Every day, about 4,000 Americans have heart attacks--one every 20 seconds. And each year, nearly 600,000 people die of coronary artery disease, making it the nation's number one killer. Fortunately, heart disease claims fewer and fewer lives each year, thanks to growing public awareness of the benefits of exercise and good nutrition and recent advances in medical treatment of heart disease.

  • While Vitacern's™ organic digestive enzymes help increase the oxygenation of the blood, the multi-fiber complex aids in the reduction of cholesterol.
  • Phytochemicals in the Eleuthero, Red Korean Ginseng, Ginkgo Biloba, and Garlic help to improve circulation.
  • Acai Berry, Co-Q10, and Hawthorn Berry, help fight heart disease and promote heart health. Horse Chestnut helps to prevent vascular damage and the development of varicose veins.

Muscle, Bone and Joint Support

Many people assume their bones stop growing when they become adults. Not so. Bone tissue is continuously dissolving and re-forming. One way to maintain strong bones is to eat foods rich in calcium.

Arthritis robs some 40 million Americans of their freedom of movement by breaking down the protective cartilage in the joints. By destroying cartilage, arthritis results in pain and decreased movement. Arthritis, which causes pain, stiffness, and swelling in and around the joints, isn't just one disease, but many, The most common form of arthritis is osteoarthritis, which is caused, by wear and tear on cartilage, the shock-absorbing material between the joints. When cartilage wears away, bone grinds against bone , causing pain and stiffness in the fingers, knees, feet , hips, and back.

A more serious form of the disease is rheumatoid arthritis. It occurs when the immune system, instead of protecting the body, begins attacking it. These attacks cause swelling of the membrane that line the joints, which eventually eats away at the joint's cartilage. It is the form of arthritis most affected by diet.

  • Vitacerin™ contains Calcumin ascorbate, the preferred form of Vitamin C, which is required for the production and maintenance of collagen, a protein substance that forms the base for all connective tissues in the body - bones, teeth, skins and tendons.
  • Glucosamine is a vital element of the joint matrix that helps to produce cartilage to cushion the joints
  • Regenasure® Glucosamine is free of shellfish and 100% vegetarian.
  • Hyaluronic Acid is thought to improve bone density, as well as provide lubrication and shock protection to the joints.

Vision and Youth Enhancement

  • Contains Lutein, Cartenoids, and other ingredients to protect eyes from free radicals and promote eye health.
  • Contains Hyaluronic Acid, Glucosamine, and other natural elements needed for the production of healthy skin and a youthful appearance.

Vitacerin™ Endeavors to address all nutritional aspects of the human body by supporting complete well-being at the cellular level with an all-inclusive profile of natural elements in liquid form.

Optimum Health Articles

Are Colon Cleansers Safe?

Colon and rectum cancer is the second most deadly type of cancer, affecting both men and women, young and old. There's approximately 100,000 to 150,000 cases reported each year. It's commonly accepted that colon cancer primarily attacks the male population. In recent studies we learn that it plays no favorites, effecting both men and women at the same rate. Colon cancer is the third leading cause of death among women. Today's research reveals that women have a 20% higher chance of getting colon cancer than men. read full article

If Wrinkling Isn't Enough, What's the Deal With These Age Spots?

It's a sign the time is passing by. As if wrinkling isn't bad enough, the appearance of age spots reminds us that time and exposure to sunshine are taking their toll on our skin. Age spots are unattractive but otherwise harmless spots that commonly appear after the age of 45. Really it's nothing more than a large freckle. Age spots are also referred to as sun spots or liver spots, even though they have nothing to do with the liver and its function. read full article

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It's all the buzz, people nationwide are saying that Vitacerin™ is everything needed in a multiple vitamin!

Liquid Vitamin Stop now offers our first all-inclusive daily nutritional product containing the highest quality ingredients. The addition of fiber and 10 blends and complexes designed to enhance the whole food based vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids in our formula makes Vitacerin™ the most comprehensive multiple available. Sweetened with agave cactus nectar and fruit juices, Vitacerin™ is a great tasting multi-supplement for the entire family read full report


Save Even More... Great Combo Pack Deals

Our Combos have been developed with you in mind. They provide increased support for your condition and save you money too. 

Addasil A comprehensive formula especially developed to provide nutrients most recommended for children and adults who suffer from ADD and ADHD. [plus]  Vitacerin. A revolutionary, great tasting, 100% whole food supplement that contains more than 270 nutrients vital to optimum health. (combo pack #21) 

Retail Price: $109.90
Your Price: $74.90
Save: $35

Vitacerin. A revolutionary, great tasting, 100% whole food supplement that contains more than 270 nutrients vital to optimum health. [plus] Diatrex - Contains over 20 leading nutrients used by diabetics. Helps to regulate blood sugar levels as well as increases the body's production of Cortisol and vitamin E and strengthen the immune system. (combo pack #22)

Retail Price: $102.90
Your Price: $71.90
Save: $31

Vitacerin™. A revolutionary, great tasting, 100% whole food supplement that contains more than 270 nutrients vital to optimum health. [plus] Foliprin™ - Formulated for both men and women, is a powerful combination of natural ingredients that reduces levels of the DHT, a leading cause of hair loss. Helps stimulate hair full list and regulates scalp build up. (combo pack #23) 

Retail Price: $109.90
Your Price: $74.90
Save: $35

Welatrin and Vitacerin. Together they will supply all the nutrients needed to improve your health. (combo pack #24)

Retail Price: $102.90
Your Price: $73.90
Save: $29

Immuzan - Essential nutrients designed to give an energy boost to your immune system. Includes antioxidants that enhances the production of white blood cells, and helps the body reduce infection. [plus] Vitacerin™. A revolutionary, great tasting, 100% whole food supplement that contains more than 270 nutrients vital to optimum health.
(combo pack #25 )

Retail Price: $109.90
Your Price: $76.90
Save: $33

Mentasil™ -A special blend of vitamins, key minerals and amino acids which helps to safely and naturally fight the symptoms of depression. [plus] Vitacerin™ - A revolutionary, great tasting, 100% whole food supplement that contains more 270 nutrients vital to optimum health. (combo pack #26) 

Retail Price: $109.90
Your Price: $76.90
Save: $33

Memazan - Is a scientific blend of nutrients designed to energize mental function and memory. Helps to improve blood circulation and stimulate brain function. [plus]  Vitacerin™. A revolutionary, great tasting, 100% whole food supplement that contains more than 270 nutrients vital to optimum health. combo pack #27)  

Retail Price: $109.90
Your Price: $76.90
Save: $33

Wotrillen™ - Is a whole food-based multiple supplement especially for women to promote hormone balance and to improve circulation for the reduction of the spider and varicose veins. [plus]  Vitacerin™. A revolutionary, great tasting, 100% whole food supplement that contains more than 270 nutrients vital to optimum health. combo pack #28)  

Retail Price: $103.90
Your Price: $74.90
Save: $29

Prostrex™ - An all-inclusive prostate health formula helps reduce inflammation and enlargement of Prostate. Includes antioxidant support to help spread bacterial infections. Helps reduce nighttime urination, urinary frequency and residual volume. [plus] Vitacerin™ - A revolutionary, great tasting, 100% whole food supplement that contains more than 270 nutrients vital to optimum health. (combo pack #29) 

Menotrex™ -The ultimate formula to help relieve hot flashes, irritability and balance blood pressure. Helps to improve circulation, adrenal function and reduce water retention. Helps to promote natural estrogen production. [plus] Vitacerin™. A revolutionary, great tasting, 100% whole food supplement that contains more than 270 nutrients vital to optimum health.
(combo pack #30)


For detailed listing of ingredients and product information visit:

Success Stories

I have for the past 20 months been going through extensive cancer treatments I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. I went through Chemotherapy, Herceptin therapy, Hormonal therapy, and 40 Radiation treatments. Due to my extreme sensitivity to the medication my body was dying. The chemotherapy treatments were stopped half way through my schedule. But, I continued with my herceptin therapy for 1 year. Because of all the all the medications and radiation my body became so sick and I was unable to physically and mentally do the things that I use to do.

My twin sister came to visit and I noticed her fingernails. I commented on how long and healthy they look. I lost my hair and toe nails during my treatment. And the regrowth is slow. I do interior design which means that I climb latter's; paint; build and just plain have fun. Because of my cancer I have been unable to physically and mentally do what I did before.

My sister told me about the liquid vitamin she is taking. I went on-line and order the Wotrillen and Vitacerin. I take the Vitacerin in the morning and the Wotrillen ( a women's multi-vitamin formula) at night. Why the two? Because my body is completely depleted of minerals, Amino Acids. My hormones are completely unbalanced. I take the Vitacerin to help my skin and nails get extra amino acids and minerals. It has only been a week and half.

But, I wake up with energy and my depression is all gone. I'm starting to decorate again and feel my body is getting the strength to handle a hammer and paint brush again. This is just my first week and half. Wow! Thanks to my sister I feel I am "living life again!" My toes and fingernails are starting to look normal again. I can't wait for the day when I can file my nails again! I could go on and on about this. It tastes good and is affordable. The way I am feeling it is worth every dollar.

Paula, Palmdale, California

I recently bought Addasil and Vitacerin for my 9 year old boy that had ADD symptoms, as I wanted to try something besides prescription medication. I have been giving him a half oz of Addasil twice a day and a half oz of Vitacerin a day. To my surprise, I noticed within a week how much calmer he seems. The best part is, he is just getting his vitamins. The whole family started taking Vitacern as well! Thank you

Kimberly A, Dresser, WI

I love and appreciate Vitacerin. Since I started taking it and if I am around
Other sick people I never get sick. I feel great

Karen F Louisiana

Exceptional product notice a different right away

Beverly M Maryland

Vitacerin is a great tasting nutritional supplement I give to my entire family.

R Graves


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