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Kitrillen™ Children's Vitamins
Protect your kids with a great tasting multi vitamin. Over 90 nutrients and 63 trace minerals!

Made in USA 90 Day Guarantee
  • Liquid formula provides superior absorption.
  • Essential Fatty Acids added for brain growth
  • Included are Elderberry and Ester C to boost the immune function
  • Amino acids provide building blocks for protein
  • kids love this great tasting formula.

1 (32 oz) Bottle, Retail Price: $42.95
Your Price: $31.95 Save $11

Twin Pack, ($30.95 ea)
Your Price: $61.90 Save $24

Triple Pack, ($29.95 ea)
Your Price: $89.85 Save $39

All The Nutrients Your Kids Need For Today's Fast-Pace, Fast-Food Lifestyle

Kitrillen™ is especially designed for children to aid proper brain development, contains powerful immune boosters, protects teeth, gums and overall health.

Provides vitamins, minerals, trace minerals and amino acids needed for growing bodies. A base of pure Aloe Vera juice is loaded with digestive enzymes. Sea vegetables - dubbed nature's perfect food

Kitrillen™ helps promote:

  • Proper tooth and bone development
  • Increases absorption of calcium and phosphorus
  • Forms collagen to hold body cells together
  • Protects red blood cells
  • and more

Since Kitrillen™ is a whole food and liquid, you can be assured of the highest absorption rate. Sugar free!

What To Look For In A  Multi Vitamin Especially Designed For Children

Three in ten Americans take at least one type of vitamin supplement. With such an interest in the use of vitamin supplements to improve health and brain development,

it's no wonder that there's such a growing interest in determining which vitamin supplements are best for children.

Of course you'll what to give them the product that is best absorbed into their cells and will receive full benefit from it's ingredients. Nutritional supplements offers up the most effective way to preserve your children's health and prevent future illness.

Kids who don't get all the nutrition they need from their diets can take children's vitamins and minerals.

But The Question Is Which One is Best?

Kitrillen™ is Amazingly Good

Kitrillen™ multi vitamins is a whole food supplement packed with:

  • vitamins

  • bionic minerals

  • bionic trace minerals

  • digestive enzymes

. . . and amino acids for growing boys and girls, sweetened with stevia. This tasty sugar free formula is loved by children. 

Low or moderate heat can destroy the enzymes which naturally occur in food, it is important to get your nutrients from another source to prevent depletion of the body’s own enzymes and reduce stress on the body.

Kitrillen™uses Nine types of highly potent sea vegetation harvested from the most remote, cold water locations in the North Pacific.

Sea Kelp is a key ingredient

Sea vegetation known for its rich amounts of vitamins and minerals.

  • Seaweed has been used as far back as 600 BC. It’s been used as a folk remedy to treat fever, scabies and gout.

  • Kelp is great for sensory nerves in the brain and excellent for thyroid conditions due to its iodine content. 

  • The base of Kitrillen™ is a pure Aloe Vera juice loaded with digestive enzymes.

Our Aloe Vera juice is cold-pressed, leaving the nutrients intact and the enzymes active.

Because Kitrillen™ is so easy to take more and more parents are sleeping better at nights knowing their kids are getting the proper nourishment they need.

One More Thing. . .

Taking supplements in liquid form will save you money. You see liquid vitamins are more absorbed than pills or tablets. Read full report

if you want to be 100% positive your children are getting all the daily vitamins and minerals they need and are not sure if their diet is doing the trick.

Then here's what you can do.

Each morning mix Kitrillen™ in their favorite juice drink or take straight from the bottle.

And guess what?

Getting their vitamins and minerals will be as automatic as brushing their teeth each morning.

Think of it:

You know you've been thinking about your children's nutritional needs! Isn't time you do something about it?

Order Kitrillen™ today, your children's health depends on it.


Save Even More... Great Combo Pack Deals

Our Combos have been developed with you in mind. They provide increased support for your condition and save you money too.  

Addasil A comprehensive formula especially developed to provide nutrients most recommended for children and adults who suffer from ADD and ADHD. [plus] KitrillenIs especially designed for children to aid proper brain development, contains powerful immune boosters, protects teeth, gums and overall health.
(combo pack #7)

Retail Price: $92.90
Your Price: $67.90
Save: $28


Kitrillen Nutritional Information:

Success Stories

We have had my son through quite a few therapy sessions for his inability to focus and concentrate and his emotional instability. He was functional but very disorganized and could not stay on task for more than a few seconds and off he goes to something else unrelated. I had a lot of complaints from his first grade teacher about him not working in class and had to go to the principals office for his activity. This continued until the middle of second grade when I started Kitrillen and Addasil for him I saw marked improvement within a day or two. (couldn't believe it would be liquid vitamins so I wrote it off as a good day) The improved behaviors continued from that day forward, he still has some organizational issues but being 8 years old I can't complain...

Thank you for helping my son!!

Ginger ~ Grantsburg, WI

I've noticed a great improvement in my son's health.


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