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Children's Health

Addasil™ (adhd in children) Is formulated especially to combat ADD / ADHD. It contains Folic Acid which aids the body in being able to produce protein, and the production of the red blood cells.  Vitamins B1,B2,B3,B5,and B12 are necessary with moodiness, depression, behavior problems, and attention. Along with the other . Kitrillen™ (children's vitamins)  Because of today's diet It's recommended that children should supplement their meals  with a multivitamin. Kitrillen is a Comprehensive blend of whole foods providing the best liquid vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, and amino acids with a 97% absorption rate instead of a 47% abortion rate that is received when taken in a pill form.
Daytrillen™ (whole food supplements) contains 63 trace minerals, digestive enzymes, and more. It's recommended for children in there early teens for building strong bones, and teeth, strengthening muscles and joints. It also helps regulates growth, detoxifying and harmful toxins Memazan™ (mental focus) is formulated with 8 leading nutrients such as (pumpkin seed), which is a rich source of beta carotene, protein, iron, and fiber. Also included is vitamins B's and Folic Acid for increasing concentration, memory, and stimulating the brains mental functions.
Entrasil™ (energy supplement) is beneficial for children having allergies and asthma, It promotes energy, and protects the brain from harmful toxins. Entrasil also helps in improving memory, and it can help protect the body from heart disease. Radicol™ (antioxidant vitamins) is formulated with antioxidant blends that will improve your heart health, protects the brain, and spinal nerves by neutralizing excessive numbers of free radicals.
  • Immuzan™ (immune system boost) has been formulated to help improve general health. It builds up the white blood cells which is proven to be instrumental in fighting colds, flue and other infections. It help’s children and young adults deal with peer pressure stress.
Vitacerin (multi vitamins) recommended for teens and adults is a great tasting comprehensive liquid dietary supplement providing more than 270 nutrients vital for optimum health. It's formulated to protect against toxins and free radicals. It is instrumental in protecting the heart and aids in circulatory support, vision, and immune system.


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